Wewala Historical Cave Forest Monastery's History

The incption of those masteries may be one of the 68 cave monasteries established after the arrived of Arahath Mihidue Thero with Buddhism to the island 236 years after Parinirwana of Lord Buddha (236 B.E) as indicated in there most close archeological evidence available.

among the most important archeologicaltaus such as post Brahmy ciphers of 12 B.C,13 gutters engrowed caves,a cave with an ancient rock wall, ruins of dagaba,3 cave inspcriptions and another rock inscription of King Kithsiri Mega Abaya,an ancient pond with the rock picture of the cobra having seven hoods and many more moments of archological value. (b) Beging of the present era: At a time when the ginananda bikkhu generation and their forest monastery sect of the Mahawihara forest bikkhu of Siyam Nikaya most venerable waturawila ginananda-vabhidhana Thero,posseed of Bodhisathwa qulities,chiet of the Wathurawila forest.

Inamaluwa korale in the victimity of dambulla nearby the tamous mounrain summit known as Enderagala where the then Arahath Theros had lived to spend the was period(rainy season) resured in the setting up of well known enderagala forest monasteries that the villages of Alacolawewa and wewalawewa villages .

Oh hearing this, venerable Pujawawa Pasgoda Jinawansa chie f prieot visited the area with alacolawewa devotes and decided to initiate a forest monastrey here by placing a monk in charge.

but it was a tailure due to dittiuties taced . later,the chief pupil of pasgoda Jinawansa chief priest,venarable Panampitiya Jinarathana Thero undertaking the place in November 1979 established the permael temple.

Ever since from 1995 up to now the generation of pupils of Panampitiya Jinarathana Thero and the Chief Priest of Wathurawila have been conducting the religions activities dovetedly in this place to make it. snccertut forest monastery.

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